Well- specious class rooms with sufficient furniture’s, fully ventilated with lights and fans.


Collections of more than 15,000 verities of books for study and reference

Computer Lab:

750 sqft. Size Computer lab with 15 computers and two printers, accessories, internet access available.

Science Lab:

750 sqft. Size Chemistry, Physics & Biology Laboratory facilities available.

Audio Visual lab:

1000 sqft. size Audio-Visual Room with lcd Tv, Connection VCR & Cable system


A large playground with 200 meters athletic track and side fully covered with strong compound wall and natural shadings.


Well- specious Sports rooms with sufficient sports material for students.

Cultural Activities / Inter School Competitions

1. Mr. Grahapathi Shastri

2. Mr. Ramakanth Bhat

3. Mrs. Yashoda M

4. Mrs. Praveena Prabhu

5.Mrs. Sujatha Mrs. Ashwini